A walk up Yarlside and The Calf

On Thursday, 4th June 2020, my friend Karl (2E0CSS) and I (2E0TIE) headed off to the Howgill Fells in the Northern Pennines. We aimed to start up the sheer but grassy hillside of Yarlside and then progress with a somewhat more casual, albeit still rolling, walk across to The Calf. We both brought amateur radio equipment with us with the intent of setting up our gear on both summits as part of a Summits on the Air activation. The weather for the day was not forecast to be fantastic – overcast all day with a chance of rain in the afternoon however we got quite lucky and not only was it warm for most of the day but the clouds cleared towards noon and we also managed to stay mostly dry – until the very end. We both met for a 0700 start to try and mitigate any chance of getting damp.