Andrew Northall
Andrew Northall

Hello 👋

I'm Andrew Northall, a caver, cyclist, and amateur software engineer from the UK.

I'm currently working on a few projects, including:

  • My cave trip tracking software,, built on Python/Django.
  • Making small open source contributions to the Django project.
  • Studying Rust to improve my understanding of low-level programming.
  • Volunteering with the NSS to digitise their archive of caving publications.
Andrew Northall

About me 💭

I've been programming for fun since I was a teenager, and have really focused on sharpening my skills in the last year or two.

I consider myself to be a proficient web developer, with a strong understanding of Python, Django, HTML and CSS, and a working knowledge of JavaScript.

Although I am an amateur in the sense that I have never been paid to write software, I always strive to write professional code that is clean, well-tested and maintainable. I'm a big believer in open source software, and I have recently started giving back to the community by making contributions where time allows.

I have been administering Linux systems as a hobby for a decade, and I'm comfortable with modern techniques and tooling such as containerised applications, CI/CD pipelines, cloud infrastructure, agile development practices, version control, DRY and TDD.

My enthusiasm for tech is huge, and I'm always looking for new opportunities and ways improve my skills. If you have an something I might be interested in, or you'd just like to chat, please do get in touch.

Apart from all that, I'm a keen caver, cyclist and hiker, and like building electronics projects that make use of my amateur radio licence when time allows.

Blog posts 🖊

My night in Langcliffe Pot

Report of a solo trip down Langcliffe Pot, one of the most curious cave systems in the UK.

Ireby Fell Cavern

A trip down Ireby Fell Cavern, a network of underground stream passages in the Yorkshire Dales.

Knock Fell Caverns

Information about the varied and unique underground maze that is Knock Fell Caverns.


A trip down (and back up) Titan, the UK's largest natural cave shaft at 141 metres deep.